Refund Policy

We declare the refund policy of the Maitreya Charitable Society.

Any donation made to Maitreya Charitable Society is not refundable.

In case of fraudulent credit card or banking transaction, a request for refund will be considered if made in writing to our address, and if duly supported and proved to be so to the Maitreya Charitable Society. The person requesting refund shall give all information and documents required by the Society. In such cases, the Society will scrutinize the request, and may make the refund within reasonable. The refund shall be made through the same payment gateway from which it was received, only to the donor or user who initiated the transaction, and subject to deduction for collection, payment or other legal charges borne by the Society. Cash refunds will not be made.



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SnehSeva was started on 15th of August 1981 by a group of 24 members (all couples) . They believed that SnehSeva would enable them to extend activities beyond what other similar clubs like Rotary or Lions did. The 24 started with a passion for doing something good for society.



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