Health Services

SnehSeva Health services originated from an earlier project : the medicine bank, which collected unused medicines from various collection points in Pune, sorted usable medicines and supplied them to charitable hospitals, doctors who did charitable work, and even to the ‘varkaris’ during the annual Palkhi procession to Pandharpur.

The present Arogya Seva project has 7 active clinics that provide medical help in Pune to underprivileged members of society. With help of some volunteers, doctors run OPD clinics and give treatment for simple ailments like blood pressure, fever, influenza etc. on payment of nominal charges. Over the counter medicines are given free to those who cannot afford. Most clinics need monetary support for administration and cost of medicines. SnehSeva supports these clinics through Maitreya Charitable trust and accepts donations. Donations to Maitreya Charitable Trust have an exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.



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SnehSeva was started on 15th of August 1981 by a group of 24 members (all couples) . They believed that SnehSeva would enable them to extend activities beyond what other similar clubs like Rotary or Lions did. The 24 started with a passion for doing something good for society.



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