स्नेह वाढो । वाढो स्नेह । घडो सेवा अविरत । एकजुटीचे बळ । बळ एकजुटीचे । नेवो पुढती - पुढती । होवू या सदैव आपण । नियतीचे नियतीसाठी आश्वासक ।


Educational Scholarship

We understand that students from some sections of society face hardships in the course of their education.

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Remembering Armed Forces

SnehSeva started Sainik Sneh project 28 years ago with an original idea from our member – late Colonel ‘Daddy’ Chandwalkar.

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Health Services

SnehSeva Health services originated from an earlier project : the medicine bank, which collected unused medicines from various collection points in Pune.

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Small projects

Snehseva organizes eye checkup and blood donation camps too.

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Weekly meetings

Our weekly meetings happen on Tuesdays. They are the centrepiece of activities of Snehseva and the Maitreya Charitable Society. Weekly meetings happen at Rotary Hall, SNDT College of Education, Karve Road, Pune 411038.

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SnehSeva was started on 15th of August 1981 by a group of 24 members (all couples) . They believed that SnehSeva would enable them to extend activities beyond what other similar clubs like Rotary or Lions did. The 24 started with a passion for doing something good for society.



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