Weekly meetings

Our weekly meetings happen on Tuesdays. They are the centrepiece of activities of Snehseva and the Maitreya Charitable Society. Weekly meetings happen at Rotary Hall, SNDT College of Education, Karve Road, Pune 411038.

The meetings have the following format :

Two weeks

Meeting with an invited speaker – the talk is based on information, experience etc – some of the recent instances were from redevelopment of housing societies, Public experiences of a speaker during the speaker’s stint as a radio announcer, comparer, interviewer etc

One week

Visit to an organisation – like Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, FTII, IUUCA, Bharat Itihas Sanshodhan Mandal

One week

program by our own members – reading some / own poetry, devotional songs, travelogue, about Pune metro

Past Events

4 April 2023

स्नेहसेवेच्या नवीन अध्यक्षा श्रीमती निलीमा भडभडे यांचा पदग्रहण समारंभ...

अधिक माहिती छायाचित्रे


Will be announced soon


SnehSeva was started on 15th of August 1981 by a group of 24 members (all couples) . They believed that SnehSeva would enable them to extend activities beyond what other similar clubs like Rotary or Lions did. The 24 started with a passion for doing something good for society.



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